Concourse Financial Software Suite
The Concourse Financial Software Suite is a proven and modular software suite specifically designed to reduce the cost and complexity of back office processing for electronic payment transactions.
Concourse - Core
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Many of the features that make Concourse the preferred choice for financial service companies reside in the Concourse – Core module. These core features are leveraged across all the other modules within the Concourse Financial Software Suite.
Concourse - Fees & Commissions
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Concourse – Fees & Commissions is a flexible, rules-based solution that allows financial service companies to quickly configure and modify any type of fee, commission or pricing structure.
Concourse - Extended Settlement
Concourse – Extended Settlement is based on a rules-based engine and continuous processing architecture, making it one of the world’s most flexible, reliable, and cost effective settlement processing solutions.
Concourse - Reconciliation
Concourse – Reconciliation allows companies to view the current reconciliation status, net positions, suspense items, and specific reasons for any transaction data discrepancies.
Concourse - Disputes
Concourse – Disputes is a powerful disputes workflow management system that manages the chargeback life cycle from initial claim entry to final resolution for both card issuers and acquirers.
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