Concourse – Reconciliation

Automate Your Transaction Reconciliation Process

Concourse – Reconciliation is a real-time, rules-based software solution that streamlines the transaction matching and reconciliation process for electronic payment transactions such as credit card, debit card, ATM, POS and mobile transactions.  It allows companies to view the current reconciliation status, net positions, suspense items, and specific reasons for any transaction data discrepancies.

  • Automatically load data from all transaction sources
  • Link data and create complete transaction life cycles
  • Reconcile transactions from two or more data sources
  • Configure transaction and balance equivalency checks
  • Define tolerance levels for equivalency checks
  • Perform transaction and balancing reconciliations
  • Verify reconciliation status in real-time
  • Access wide range of online and downloadable reports
  • Easily identify the reason for a discrepancy