White Papers

Transform the Payments Back Office from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

Recent technology and software advances are providing more options for payments back-office modernization. In fact, companies are finding ways to transform their back office from a cost center to a profit center. Learn more in this recent thought leadership paper from BHMI.

Concourse Financial Software Suite

This document will give you a comprehensive overview of the Concourse Financial Software Suite – winner of the Best Real-time Payments Solution at PayTech Awards 2020.


Dispute and chargeback volumes are on the rise.  By 2022, U.S. dispute volumes are forecasted at 33 million.  BHMI has partnered with the Mercator Advisory Group to publish a new research brief about the causes and trends.  It also includes some effective strategies for creating more efficient resolution processes.

Is Your Back Office Keeping Up with the New World of Payments?

Faster payments are gaining traction in the industry.  BHMI has partnered with Mercator Advisory Group to put together some helpful information about the current faster payments landscape and the methods of approach to successfully enable faster payments.

Disputes Processing In A P2P World

There is a stark contrast between the speed of processing P2P payments and later disputing them.  In this paper, BHMI looks closely at what makes P2P networks unique and how they affect dispute processing.

Concourse – Disputes and Visa Claims Resolution

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) is a new global policy from Visa for disputed charges. In this paper, BHMI summarizes how the VCR dispute process is different and how Concourse – Disputes (Release 4) ensures that issuers and acquirers can successfully manage and be compliant with VCR.

Fees & Commissions in the Payments World

Calculating fees and commissions associated with the processing of electronic transactions is complex. This white paper provides insights about this ongoing challenge.