Our Culture

Why people love working at BHMI

We think the environment at BHMI is special. We work hard to create a culture that allows good technical people to do exceptional technical work. As a member of our team, you will be tied into our integrated software development environment and be able to leverage all of BHMI’s state-of-the-art development tools. You will also get an office – with a door – so that outside distractions can be shut out whenever you need to work without interruption. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced team that has been creating primary business applications for decades. We are all located in the BHMI Corporate Development Center and work together as an integrated team.

Benefits & Perks

Our success depends on hiring and keeping talented team members. We must be doing something right because our employees tend to stay with us for a long time. As a member of the BHMI team, you will receive a comprehensive benefits package that focuses on you and your family. You will also get to enjoy a variety of corporate perks that make BHMI a great place to work.

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    Health Insurance

    We offer a comprehensive health insurance program with both individual and family coverage.  Employees are eligible for all benefits beginning on the first day of employment. The medical plan is provided at no cost or premium to full-time employees and the employee’s immediate family (spouse and dependents). Life insurance is also provided to employees at no cost. Dental insurance, AFLAC, long-term disability, and supplemental life insurance are all provided to employees on a voluntary basis.

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    Flexible Pre-Tax Spending Program

    To help with certain types of out-of-pocket expenses, we will provide a Section 125 Flexible Spending Account (FSA). In this account, you will be able to set aside pretax funds to be used for qualified expenses such as doctor co-pays, prescriptions, and childcare costs. This can provide you up to a 30% cost savings.

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    401(K) Retirement Plan

    As a BHMI team member, you will be eligible to participate in our 401(K) retirement plan beginning with your first paycheck. Whether you choose to participate or not, BHMI will contribute 3% of your total compensation annually.

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    Stock Options

    We believe that everyone in the company who contributes to the welfare of the corporation should share in the rewards that are generated. For this reason, we offer a stock options program in which you will be able to participate. You will be sharing in the excitement of the company’s success in a tangible way.

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    Training & Certifications

    Since we are an elite group of technologists, we encourage our team members to stay current on the newest technologies. We will reimburse you when you attend industry conferences, complete training courses, or acquire technical certifications that will support your professional development and benefit the team.

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    Paid Vacation

    We believe in the balance of work and play. As a full-time team member, you will receive ten days of vacation each year. Your vacation will continue to increase one additional day each year up to a total of 20 days. That’s a lot of time to play and the best part is you get paid for it.

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    Flexible Hours

    We know that creativity and productivity don’t operate on a time clock – different people are effective at different times. So we aren’t concerned if your schedule doesn’t coincide with a traditional 8 to 5 business day. As long as you get your job done and meet the obligations of your project team, you can make your own schedule.

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    Casual Attire

    We want our team members to be comfortable when they are working. Most of us like to dress business casual.

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    Corporate Events

    We work hard and we play hard. For example, our annual holiday parties are legendary. We don’t stop at delicious food and festive libations. You may find yourself wearing stupid head gear and laughing out loud when you make a direct hit at a fellow team member during a friendly Nerf gun battle. Our summer picnics are also notorious. You may find yourself riding a high-speed airboat or competing in a fragile game of egg toss.

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    Snacks Galore

    We take our snacking seriously. We stock our kitchens full of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks for all to enjoy. Whenever you need a break, you can grab yourself some fresh fruit, yogurt, bagels, chips, soft drinks, or whatever your taste buds fancy. And if you have a sweet tooth, we have an M&M drawer that never goes empty.

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    Month Lunch

    Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch? At BHMI, we have a catered lunch for the entire team the second Wednesday of every month. During this lunch, team members get to hear about current initiatives within the company. We also do a variety of activities such as new team member introductions, social media challenges, new video unveilings, and so much more. We even had a recent intern sing-a-long. It’s a great way for the BHMI team to get together for some food, fun, and fellowship.

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    Office With a Door

    At BHMI, we work very closely as an integrated team but sometimes you need your space – a place to go with no distractions. That’s why everyone gets their own office – with a door. You won’t find any cubicles at BHMI.