Concourse – Core

Leverage the Power & Flexibility of Concourse for Your Electronic Payment Transactions

The Concourse Financial Software Suite is a comprehensive solution for the processing of electronic payments, including credit card, debit card, ATM, POS, and mobile transactions. Its powerful and flexible back office functionality is made possible by the Concourse – Core module.

Key Features of the Concourse – Core Module

  • Continuous Processing Architecture
  • Centralized Transaction Repository
  • Real-time Data Access
  • Browser-based User Interface
  • Secure & PCI Compliant
  • User Configurable Business Rules
  • Transaction Life Cycle Linkage
  • Online Summaries & Report Templates
  • Version & Operations Management

These features allow financial service companies to efficiently manage their back office payment processing, from automatically loading data from all transaction sources to proactively monitoring business activity in real-time. The system is also user-friendly, with a browser-based interface and configurable business rules that easily meet changing needs.

Benefits of the Concourse – Core Module

  • Improve operational efficiency with automatic data loading from all transaction sources
  • Monitor business proactively with real-time transaction data access and processing activity
  • Enhance productivity with user-configurable business rules
  • Meet service level agreements with fast and accurate settlement processing
  • Ensure data integrity through automatic discrepancy identification and reconciliation
  • Win more business with competitive fee schedules and commission programs
  • Reduce chargeback and dispute management costs and complexity

Core Benefits Explained

One of the key benefits of Concourse Financial Software Suite is the automatic data loading feature, which continuously loads transaction data from all sources, providing real-time access to up-to-date information. This is complemented by a centralized transaction repository that stores all transaction data in a secure and organized location, ensuring fast and accurate settlement processing.

With real-time data access, companies can view transactions through a browser-based viewer at any time, providing a clear understanding of their business. The software’s secure and PCI compliant design also ensures that sensitive information is protected and meets Payment Card Industry security standards.

Concourse – Core’s user-configurable business rules allow companies to easily configure the system to meet their changing needs, improving productivity and ensuring requirements are met. The transaction life cycle linkage feature offers a complete view of every transaction, helping companies proactively monitor their business.

In addition, Concourse includes online summaries and report templates, as well as version management and operations management features, to proactively track the status of their business and ensure reliable processing and data management. The software’s scalability and availability ensure that it can handle growing business needs, requiring only straightforward system requirements.

Concourse – Core is a comprehensive solution for back office payment processing that offers numerous benefits for financial service companies. With features such as automatic data loading, real-time data access, user-configurable business rules, and scalability and availability, it ensures operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Concourse meets Payment Card Industry security standards and is listed as a Validated Payment Application on the PCI website. Whether your company is growing quickly or already established, Concourse can handle the load with its scalable and available architecture.