Our Story

Since BHMI opened its doors in 1986, we have become a leading and trusted provider of software solutions focused on the back office processing of digital payment transactions.

We are best known as the creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite® – a unique integrated collection of back office products that allow companies to adapt to the rapidly changing world of payments quickly and easily.

Concourse is a cohesive and integrated package, including settlement, reconciliation, fee processing, and dispute workflow management, that reduces the cost and complexity of back office processing. Concourse’s continuous processing, near real-time architecture, and powerful rules engine are ideally suited for any type of payment transaction including card-based payments and account-to-account real-time payments.

To meet our client’s specific needs, we have expertise in a wide range of programming languages, database products, hardware platforms, and operating systems. BHMI’s talented team is centrally located at BHMI’s state-of-the-art Software Development Center in the United States. All development, testing, implementation, and support services are provided directly by BHMI team members.

From the very beginning, our core competency has been to create software solutions that are continuously available, highly scalable, and undeniably reliable. Since 1986, we have seen a lot of change in technology, but our focus has remained the same. We develop software solutions that provide real value for our clients and professional satisfaction for our team.

Our History

Our History


BHMI Opens Its Doors & Completes First Project for Union Pacific Railroad

BHMI opens its doors and completes its first software development project with Union Pacific Railroad. Our software permits wireless data communications between Union Pacific’s national dispatching center and mobile terminals on locomotives.


BHMI is Selected by Greyhound Lines to Develop Ticketing & Reservation System

Greyhound Lines partners with BHMI to modernize its sales and ticketing operations with a robust reservation system.


BHMI Goes Global with Electronic Bill Payment Solution

BHMI goes global when it deploys a full-feature electronic bill payment solution for financial institutions around the world.



BHMI Completes First Government Contract with the FAA

BHMI completes its first government contract for the Federal Aviation Administration and delivers a fault tolerant weather message switching application.



BHMI Develops One of Industry’s First Prepaid Calling Card Applications

In time for the 1996 Summer Olympics, BHMI develops one of the industry’s first prepaid calling card applications for MCI.


BHMI Creates Near Real-time Payment Settlement & Reconciliation Solution

One of the largest transaction processors in North America asks BHMI to create a robust and integrated settlement and reconciliation solution.



BHMI Takes Over Worldwide Support of Call Application Manager (CAM)

BHMI takes over worldwide support and maintenance for the Call Application Manager (CAM) product, which is a call center automation software application originally offered by Tandem Computers.


BHMI Launches Concourse – ESP

Concourse – ESP is a comprehensive settlement and reconciliation solution for companies processing electronic payment transactions.


BHMI Launches Concourse – AFS

Concourse – AFS is an advanced fees solution that allows companies to create a wide range of fees structures.


BHMI Launches Concourse – Disputes

BHMI launches Concourse – Disputes, which is a workflow management system for chargebacks and disputes.


BHMI Invests Heavily in its Concourse Product Division

As demand continues to grow for Concourse software, BHMI makes a strategic decision to invest heavily in its Concourse Product Division.


BHMI Completes First PCI PA-DSS Certification Process for Concourse Products

The Concourse Product Division focuses on ensuring all Concourse products are PCI PA-DSS Certified.


BHMI Rebrands Back Office Products as the Concourse Financial Software Suite

BHMI rebrands and publically launches its back office processing software products as a modular, integrated solution called the Concourse Financial Software Suite.


BHMI’s Concourse – TMS Product is Selected by Mastercard

All debit transactions for Mastercard Worldwide are being processed via an integrated messaging facility created by BHMI called Concourse – TMS.


BHMI Launches Concourse (Release 3)

BHMI launched Concourse (Release 3), which is based on a rules-based architecture.


BHMI Launches Concourse (Release 4)

Concourse (Release 4) is made publicly available and is selected by large processors in Australia, Canada, and the United States.


BHMI announces the support of ISO 20022 Payments Format and SEPA

Concourse is selected by companies in the United States, Australia, and Europe to perform back office processing of real-time, account-based transactions.


Concourse Wins Best Real-Time Payments Solution

BHMI’s Concourse Financial Software Suite received top honors at the PayTech Awards 2020 digital ceremony, winning the “Excellence in Tech Award” for “Best Real-Time Payments Solution.”