The New BHMI

We invite you to watch the video below, which unveils our updated brand. This includes the shift to the stand-alone name of BHMI, an updated logo, and a new tag line – Software for the Speed of Now™. The new brand reaffirms the company’s commitment to provide its clients with the powerful, highly scalable and reliable software solutions they have come to expect.

Press Release

BHMI Updates Brand to Reflect Proven History of Providing Payments Industry with “Software for the Speed of Now”

OMAHA, Neb. – August 19, 2019 Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software applications and creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite™, today unveiled its new brand identity, shifting to the stand-alone name BHMI™. This new branding initiative reflects BHMI’s growth as a company while reinforcing its continued focus on delivering proven, innovative software solutions that meet the demands of today’s ever-changing payments industry.

The company unveiled its new logo and tagline “Software for the Speed of Now™,” reaffirming its commitment to provide its clients with the powerful, highly scalable and reliable solutions they have come to expect. In addition, the new brand showcases BHMI’s own evolution as a company from its beginnings as a custom services developer into one of the payments industry’s pioneering developers of enterprise software to support back-office operations on a global scale.

“When we founded the company, putting our names on the front door signified our personal commitment to standing behind our work and reinforced our mission to provide the industry’s most reliable, proven software solutions,” said Dr. Lynne Baldwin, President of BHMI. “Over the decades, we have grown tremendously as an organization to become much more than those original names on the door. Our new branding is reflective of that growth as well as our focus on leading through innovation and ensuring that our work supports our customers’ success.”

About BHMI

BHMI is a leading provider of product-based software solutions focused on the back-office processing of electronic payment transactions. The company is best known as the creator of the Concourse Financial Software Suite™ – a unique integrated collection of back-office products allowing companies to quickly and easily adapt to the rapidly changing world of payments. Concourse is a cohesive and integrated package, including settlement, reconciliation, fees processing, and disputes workflow management, that reduces the cost and complexity of back-office processing. Concourse’s continuous processing, near real-time architecture and powerful rules engine is ideally suited for new payment initiatives like P2P and enables companies to perform back-office processing for any type of payment transaction. To learn how your company can benefit from the power and flexibility of Concourse, please visit