A Note from Dr. Jack Baldwin, Chairman of BHMI

Hello fellow payment enthusiasts. These are exciting times in the payments industry and the race is on for payments organizations to offer instant payments. However, most back office ecosystems are a bottleneck because legacy, batch systems are not designed for today’s real-time payments world. As a leading provider of real-time back office software solutions, BHMI is helping companies win the race.  

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PIONEERS IN PAYMENTS:  BHMI Video Interview Series with Payment Experts

Check out BHMI's Pioneers in Payments interview series where payments experts share valuable insights such as current trends, opportunities, challenges, and silver bullets.  Previous participants in the Pioneers in Payments series have included:

Article:  BHMI and Payshop on Concourse for Unified Payments Success

Working together, BHMI and Payshop achieved a successful and timely implementation to deliver Concourse – a unified payments back office solution for Payshop. Payshop, a subsidiary of Banco CTT and part of the CTT Group, serves Portugal through an extensive portfolio of payment services and was amid a strategic business transformation project.

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Award:  BHMI and Payshop Win “Editor’s Choice Award” at PayTech Awards 2022

BHMI and Payshop received the “Editor’s Choice Award” at the recent PayTech Awards 2022 ceremony in London. Produced and hosted by FinTech Futures, the awards program recognizes innovation in the finance and payment industries worldwide, celebrating the leaders and solutions that help drive it.

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Webinar:  Is Your Company Operationally Ready for Real-Time Payments?  

Though real-time payment volumes are growing substantially, most financial service companies are still not ready to fully leverage real-time payments because true operational readiness requires front-end and back office systems that process payments instantaneously.  During this webinar, The Mercator Advisory Group, The Clearing House, and BHMI will provide valuable advice on how financial organizations can become operationally ready for real-time payments.

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Article:  Cultivating POS Intelligence

BHMI Chairman and CEO Jack Baldwin recently shared his insights with The Green Sheet as he and other payments experts, designers, and architects of next-generation payment technologies weighed in on the role of intelligence in payments, how the technology is changing, and what we can do to design adaptable solutions for what may come next.

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Article:  Overyhyped Paytech, Underhyped Paytech

Paytech is booming but while some of the industry’s biggest trends and services get overhyped, others get overlooked. Our own Casey Scheer weighs in with The Fintech Times on why the payments back office may be the most underhyped despite its huge impact.

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Company Profile:  BHMI Featured in the Green Sheet

Check out BHMI’s company profile titled “Modernize back-office with superior enterprise applications” in the latest issue of The Green Sheet. This profile includes some of the company’s background and its commitment to providing software solutions designed to modernize the payments back office and keep pace with the evolving needs in the industry.

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